Frequently asked questions

Why isn't a salary range provided in your editorials?

Our goal is to provide insights into the nature of the work itself, and we believed that a salary range would distract the reader from our goal.

Whenever we have a reference link for an expected salary range, we will add it in the footnotes section of each editorial.

Why do you not give specifics about the work you write about?

First, it would be unfair for the company because what we write is based upon a single interview. 

Second, we are not interested in the company per se, but the function in a specific industry. That bit of information is much more scalable than a specific work in a specific company. 

Third, and we are being honest here, is that we want to avoid having to clear multiple levels of HR and PR before publishing anything. 

How about the person you interviewed? 

To protect his or her interest, they will remain anonymous. Any questions directed to them can be done through us.