Welcome to 17 Waking Hours

We have but one goal here: to illustrate and provide insights on various occupations. Besides aggregated content, we do this through honestly written editorials, using materials from personal interviews. 

With these, we hope to expand your mind beyond the usual work your peers or seniors gravitate towards, and find work that's meaningful; not only financially but also cognitively and emotionally. 

We hope to help you make the best of your 17 waking hours.


When you hear of a mother quitting her job to take care of her child, what are your initial thoughts? Those that’ve been through it know it’s a tough job, but most others may think she’s going to enjoy her life; some go as far as to suggest that she can now enjoy a Tai Tai* life. I too was wondering that the husband must be doing very well for them to afford the luxury of a single-income family. But having spoken to one, I realized that being a stay-at-home mum is not at all a luxury. Read on to find out more about a stay-at-home mum's life and her perspective.  Read more >>


Our Manifesto

We believe that life is unfair. How can it be when we start in different environments, and are offered different opportunities?

But we also believe that to stop there would be silly defeatism. 

Life is fundamentally unfair, but yet inherently fair. Because each one of us, no matter the circumstance, have only 24 hours a day. No more, no less. And if we are to go with the recommended 7 hours of sleep daily, we all have 17 hours when we are awake. 

17 waking hours to make a difference. 

We believe that what we do in these 17 hours matter, because they do more than offer a paycheck; they define the trajectory of our lives. We believe that almost everyone can work almost everywhere, but not every work suitable for every individual. Just as a fish can learn how to swim better, do tricks and go faster, it is only true if it is in water, and water that is suitable for its growth. Anywhere else and it might learn to adapt, but it will never reach its fullest potential. 

We believe that with genuine information unadulterated by sponsorship or endorsements, will help you explore beyond the beaten track. With these information, we hope you can find that suitable environment and give your fullest to grow. When there are sponsored materials, we believe it to be our responsibility to be transparent and declare as such.

We believe you will do wonders with your 17 waking hours.